Schockglatze/ Warlord EP

out now

Schockglatze is the distillate of a longstanding collaboration between artists working across the frontiers of several forms. With audio- visual performances, band projects and international exhibitions as part of their armoury, Spänk, Nik Nowak and Moritz Stumm have been causing a stir within the art and music worlds for years.
Spänk has already cooperated with a range of acclaimed vocalists including Warrior Queen, Sensational and Christoph Waltz. As a full-blooded/thoroughbred producer, Spänk forms the solid basis and is the sonic central nervous system (SCNS) for the studio productions of Schockglatze.
Nik Nowak, who has attracted international attention with his mobile sound sculptures—most notably the sound tank or “Panzer” (2011)— has in recent years worked closely with musicians such as Chicago footwork pioneers (the late) DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn, and sonic poly- math The Bug. These aural adventures or mutagenic encounters have contributed to the production of his artistic, experimental handling of sound as a visual material.
Moritz Stumm aka Ultramoodem brings to Schockglatze an inimit- able rhythmicity and graphic dimension. As a graphic artist, VJ and video director he has collaborated with (amongst others) DJ Shir Khan, Ruin and Ego Boycott creating a singular technique of syner- getic audio-visual effects redolent of a hyper-voodooism, the aesthetic of which has become a signature style of Schockglatze.
The so-called Schock-Sound is the product of a collective, therefore it only felt naturally to team up with the Berlin based „Through My Speakers“ family for the release of their debut EP „Warlord“.

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