Soundtank meets Bass Mekanik

30. November 2016

It’s massive, innovative and loud. A light-gray tank has entered the club. But don’t be afraid, it’s not an attack. Rather, it’s a challenge to the senses. The 1.5-ton “Sound Tank,” with its 4,000-watt speaker-wall that can be hydraulically erected, is parked across from Miami bass-producing duo Bass Mekanik’s Boom Car. The mobile sound battle will be hosted by London MC Infinite Livez and will be developed into an audio-visual essay with the help of video projections by Moritz Stumm. Nik Nowak’s collaborative “Sound Tank” performance in Miami’s popular Gramps club is part of Sennheiser’s Future Audio Artist Program. During Art Basel’s show in Miami Beach, Nowak is showing his best-known work of art to the American public for the first time in an exclusive one-off performance.
A performance by Nik Nowak
with Neil Case and Dj Billy E. aka Bass Mekanik
Visuals:Moritz Stumm
Master of Ceremony: infinite livez
Video: Hiroo Tanaka, Masaya Kato
Music: Schockglatze, Warlord (Ikonika Remix) TMS Rec, 2016 DVA, DAFUQ, Hyperdub Rec, 2016 Schockglatze, Cheribibownsken feat. Infinite Livez, TMS Rec, 2016

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